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WHAT does being

'compostable' mean?

Anandi pads are compostable due to the fact that they are capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment. This usually occurs within 90-180 days depending on varying environmental factors. Additionally, the materials used to produce the Anandi pad ensure that no toxicity is left in the soil. 

WHY does being

compostable matter?

In India the most common method

of disposal of sanitary napkins is incineration. This process releases harmful dioxins and methane gas into the air, which lead to environmental damage and creates unfit living conditions. Compostable sanitary napkins such as Anandi, provide users with a safe alternative which is environmentally sustainable.

HOW is the Anandi

pad disposed off?

Anandi pads are one of the safest sanitary pads to dispose off due to their compostability.


The Anandi pad is disposed off by burying it in a pit and waiting for the compounds to decompose naturally. Due to the natural raw materials used to make the pad, this process is safe, easy and quick.

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