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Aakar Social Ventures works towards raising awareness regarding sanitation and hygiene with a specific focus on Menstrual Hygiene Management, in order to empower customers at the last mile, thereby enabling them to make informed choices.


Aakar Social Ventures also provides entrepreneurial and business skills training to Village Level Entrepreneurs to enforce and sustain livelihood opportunities.


Education is the root and foundation of  progress. Through our awareness raising curriculum at

Aakar Social Ventures, we work towards facilitating a unique and independent way of thinking, based on logical perspectives and scientific facts.


The feelings of guilt, fear, embarrassment and shame associated with menstruation can only be eradicated when it is viewed as a natural and positive aspect of being female. This is a necessary step towards women and girls being able to empower themselves. 

Nurturing a supportive environment requires that issues of Menstrual Hygiene Management be communicated not only among girls and women, but also among boys and men. In order to achieve this we follow a systematic approach which tackles critical contextual factors of MHM.


A 6 months curriculum conducted by Aakar Social Venture in rural and urban slum areas, in order to raise awareness regarding Menstrual Hygiene Management.


As an important part of the sensitisation process, the 'Freedom from Shame' curriculum requires the involvement of not only girls and women, but also of boys and men. The curriculum tackles topics such as female and male anatomy and physiology, menstrual health and management, and myths and misconceptions. Each session includes Q&A, interactive activities and open group discussion to promote critical thinking in a safe environment. 


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